Glass Shower Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your Glass and Tile Perfect

Glass shower doors are a beautiful upgrade to any bathroom. When you first have them installed, they are perfect, let light stream in, and lend your bathroom a touch of elegance. But if you’re not vigilant, you can see soap scum accumulate, and suddenly your glass isn’t quite so shiny.

The good news is, there are some great glass shower cleaning hacks to fight soapy residue and keep your glass shower doors and panels sparkly clean.

#1 Homemade Helper

glass shower cleaning hacks vinegarThis bathroom cleaning hack gets muck off glass shower doors and tile surfaces. This tip comes from a hotel owner that found it kept even heavily used showers remarkably clean. One thing to note is the recipe smells strong, but vinegar is non-toxic.

You need white vinegar, Dawn dish soap, and a professional-quality spray bottle to craft this heavy-duty cleaning concoction. Here’s how you brew it:

⦁ Heat 1 ½ cups of white vinegar in microwave for 90 seconds.
⦁ Carefully funnel it into your spray bottle.
⦁ Funnel 1 ½ cups of Dawn into the bottle.
⦁ Put the sprayer lid on tightly and shake to blend.
⦁ Gently shake the bottle before each use.

To use this wondrous (and thrifty) solution, spray it on your shower door and walls and give it a few minutes then rinse and squeegee. Some people keep the bottle in the shower, spritz after they shower, squeegee, and then hop out leaving a clean shower behind.

#2 Give your shower some “baby” loveglass shower cleaning hacks  baby oil

The military doesn’t hire custodians to clean – that’s up to the soldiers. Any veteran can tell you they know how to clean showers, bathrooms, and run a floor buffer. This hack comes from a US Army veteran who learned it from her drill sergeant.

The Army often uses large multi-person showers in dorms which means lots of soap build-up from heavy use. Keeping soap scum from sticking is much better than taking the time to scrub it. All this hack takes is a bottle of baby oil and a soft cloth or paper towel.

Make sure your shower door and walls are clean and dry. Take a soft cloth and put a nickel-sized squirt of baby oil on it. Run it up and down the shower walls and door so that you leave a very light coating of baby oil. It shouldn’t be drippy or look greasy.

Never put this on the floor of your shower or bathtub, or you could go slip-sliding and break something. It’s only for surface areas you don’t touch but that collect soap scum and funk. The oil prevents the stuff from sticking, and you need only reapply every week or two.

#3 Give Rain-X a try

glass shower cleaning hacks rain xWhat’s interesting is that Rain-X didn’t start out in the home cleaning business. They only jumped into it when they discovered people were using their products for household tasks. Rain-X glass repellent was designed for cars to increase visibility by sheeting rain off your windshield.

People soon discovered you could get the same effect on their glass shower doors. Rain-X decided to get in on this action and launched a line of household cleaners. You simply spray it onto your shower door and water repels so you don’t get soap scum. Reapply every few weeks.


#4 Try an Aussie solution

Aussies and UK consumers swear by Shower Power and Bath Power by OzKleen. It’s an industrial-grade cleaning product from the land down under with rave reviews. You can get the Bath Power product on Amazon and lots more on Amazon UK.

If you want an international hack for cleaning your glass shower doors, try it. You can get it online or check up in Vancouver at shops like Real Canadian Superstore or Costco. OzKleen stuff cleans mightily while being eco-friendly, free of chlorine, phosphates, and ammonia.

#5 Kosher hack

glass shower cleaning hacks
Grapefruit 2 by isox4 is licensed under CC 2.0

To give this glass shower door cleaning hack a go, look no further than your kitchen. You’ll need a large grapefruit and coarse kosher salt. Cut the grapefruit in half and sprinkle a heavy coating of salt on it. Keep a bowl of spare salt on hand to refresh it.

Use the grapefruit like a scrubber and run it all over your shower door. When the salt is all gone, squeeze it a bit to re-wet the grapefruit and re-drip it into the salt. The acid in the fruit and abrasiveness of the coarse salt work together to loosen and clean soap scum.

Glass is a beautiful upgrade to any bathroom. Have you considered not just glass shower doors but a seamless glass shower that is totally open to light? It can add light, increase resale value, and completely change the look of the room.

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