denis vladyko

Most people who are thinking about renovating a home or building a new home realize that choosing the right contractor for their building project is the single most important decision they will make for that project.

We have all heard of (or experienced) the trials and results of shoddy or hasty workmanship, time delays, or cost over-runs. It is no surprise to anyone to know that there are poor contractors, good contractors, and excellent contractors. The trick is in finding the excellent ones.

Welcome to Corvus Construction.

Corvus Construction was started in 2006 by Denis Vladyko. Denis grew up in Russia, the son of an electrical engineer, and from the time he was small he was a hands-on guy.

He loved building new things, improving old things, and inventing or creating home-made versions of everything from flame-throwers (bet his Mom loved that!) to complex mechanical and pneumatic devices. Building was as natural to Denis as walking.
denis vladyko

As the years went by, Denis learned the satisfaction of working hard – and the joy of completing a job well done. He worked with his father building and constantly improving a lake cabin.

He learned the importance of doing precise work, of setting a goal and reaching it, and of gaining the right techniques and skill sets for avoiding mistakes and costly pitfalls.

Denis went to school to become a computer science teacher, feeling that computer programming was very much like a form of construction.

After coming to the States he worked as a software developer and project manager for a software firm for 6 years before coming to the realization that he would rather be building houses than building software.

While learning important organizational and critical thinking skills in the computer business, he rediscovered his love of building as he and his wife Brenda renovated and restored their own home…turning a house that was in dire need of major help into a home of function, comfort, and showcase beauty.

After making the break from the computer industry, Denis found a retiring contractor, a true craftsman and quality builder, who mentored him and taught him about the construction business…as well as numerous more trade skills and procedures gleaned from years of top-notch building experience. Added to what he already knew and had mastered, Denis became a building contractor to be reckoned with!

Today, Corvus Construction, under Denis Vladyko’s steady and skilled hands is the epitome of fine and creative construction. Denis is dedicated to always doing the best job possible, both in terms of quality and looks.

He is on site for every project and only works on one project at a time. He is driven to find the best materials and high-end components at the best prices, and provide them to the client in the most timely and esthetically pleasing way.

He strives to combine the newest building techniques and innovations with the time-tested and classic practices that produce incomparable and eye-catching homes and buildings. His attention to detail, to achieving the perfect balance between form and function, to staying on budget, and to eliminating shoddy work and imperfection in all aspects of the project, has set him apart from the contractor pack.

You can see by our client testimonials and 5 star reviews, Denis Vladyko loves what he does – and he wants his clients to love what he does too! And that makes the biggest difference of all!