WEDI- Waterproof Products for your Home

If you’re building a home or ready to upgrade your existing home with tile countertops, flooring or showers, WEDI is the underlay product that can protect your home and get the work done faster than traditional solutions. Corvus Construction is a full certified WEDI installer and can use this exciting product to customize the perfect look for your home.WEDI Certified Installer

Of course you want a beautiful appearance – you’ll no doubt spend hours choosing the tile you’ll be looking at for years – but you don’t usually think much about what goes behind the tiles. After all, it’s not like you’ll be seeing it every day. But it’s worth thinking about. Why? When you invest in a tile upgrade for your kitchen, bath or other area in your home, you want to know it will last. WEDI is one of the most durable products available.

Why Use WEDI Products?

Beyond durability, WEDI is 100% waterproof – this goes well beyond water resistance – this is a huge differentiator. Standard tile underlays are water resistant, but over time can break down and lead to seepage that can necessitate repair or replacement. Wherever there’s moisture, there can be mold – but with 100% waterproof WEDI products, this won’t ever be an issue.

Perfect for walls, floors, showers and countertops – anywhere there’s water near your tile – WEDI can protect your materials. Steam showers and steam rooms are perfect for WEDI because in addition to being waterproof, they retard vapor. WEDI can even be used in swimming pools you wish to line with tile. And with a WEDI certified installer like Corvus Construction, you can rest assured that you’ll get the look you want and the waterproofing you need.

Benefits of WEDI Waterproof Products

Here are some of the pluses of using WEDI products for your next tile project:

  1. WEDI Waterproof Tile SolutionsWEDI wall boards and shower pans can be installed so your shower floor is flush with the bathroom floor for a seamless bathroom design – this is a great look that can’t be properly achieved with other products.
  2. With WEDI products, you can install benches, seats and shelves in showers, saunas and steam rooms without adding additional framework. This allows you to fully customize your space without adding substantial cost.
  3. WEDI is rated for heavy duty traffic use as a floor substrate, so even your busiest areas – kitchen, foyers, bathrooms that get foot traffic all day – will be protected with this durable material which can prevent your tile from cracking from overuse.

Is WEDI a Cost Effective Alternative to Traditional Materials?

Even though WEDI products cost more than traditional products, using them can still be cost effective because it will save you money in other ways including:

  1. You don’t have to apply it over drywall – this can save you some money on materials and installation. WEDI wall boards can go straight onto the studs.
  2. You save money on installation because the product is lightweight, easy to cut onsite with a utility knife and it goes up more rapidly because it’s easier to handle.
  3. You can reuse WEDI if you decide to change out your tile later. Corvus can remove the existing tile from your WEDI wall, floor or counterboards and install new tile right on top of the existing WEDI boards. This can save you big money on future facelifts and renovation projects.
  4. You save money on labor costs when you use WEDI shower pans because they can be installed in just 30 minutes compared to eight hours with traditional materials.
  5. You save on future repairs because WEDI is completely waterproof – you are less likely to have mold problems – even in rooms with very high moisture levels.
  6. You save wear and tear on your home because WEDI board weighs 75% less than competing products – it won’t stress your load bearing walls and joists.

Contact Corvus for a Free Estimate on Using WEDI 100% Waterproof Tile Solutions for Your Home

countertops by Corvus ConstructionWEDI is endorsed by and used in all Hilton hotels including the Waldorf Astoria and now it’s available to you. This highly versatile 100% waterproof product is perfect for your home and certified WEDI installer Corvus Construction can show you how it can be used to create a unique lasting look for your home improvement or construction project.

If you’re ready to add-on or upgrade your home and want to use tile to get the perfect look –whether it’s a shower, steam shower, countertop or flooring project – WEDI products installed by Corvus will keep your investment waterproof and beautiful for years to come.

Contact us for a free estimate on your next shower, bathroom, kitchen or flooring project featuring tile. We’ll come to your home, look at your space and listen to what you want from your upgrade, renovation or construction project and will advise you on the best materials for the job to ensure you get the results you want – and that they will last! Only a certified WEDI installer can ensure you get the excellent guarantee that goes along with this exciting new 100% waterproof product.

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