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If you’re revamping your kitchen, bathroom, entry way or other high traffic area of your home and are looking for a better flooring option, tile is definitely something to consider. View our portfolio with full line of tiling including bathroom, kitchen and more.

Tile has been around for thousands of years – the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians all used tile and many of these are so durable they’ve survived from 800 BC until now. Tile is available in a wide array of materials, colors and styles that compliment any décor and lifestyle. And many of today’s new manufactured tiles are incredibly affordable.

  • bathroom accent tiles project from Corvus Construction tile contractors
  • everett accent tile project 2014
  • verett accent tile project bathroom
  • everett bathroom tile project 2014
  • everett bathroom tile project
  • accent tile project 2014
  • accent tile project bathroom
  • bathroom accent tile project 2014

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Benefits of Tile Flooring

Increasingly, savvy home owners are choosing tile when they replace flooring. There are a number of benefits to opting for tile including:

  • Eco-friendly Ceramic and porcelain floor tile are extremely eco-friendly, made from sustainable and recycled content and with a low carbon-footprint for manufacturing.
  • Durable – Ceramic tile has a lifespan of 50 years and tile from natural materials like marble or stone can have an indefinite life span. The long life span makes tile even more cost-effective.
  • Attractive – Tile is beautiful and comes in a wide array of styles and colors from black and white modern to natural stone and marble that compliment any home.
  • Low maintenance – Tile is easy to take care of unlike carpet which can stain, requires periodic steam cleaning and a cumbersome vacuum cleaner to deal with – you can sweep and be done.
  • Hypoallergenic – Carpet can trap animal hair, dust and other allergans that can aggravate those with asthma and other allergies. Tile keeps the air in your house cleaner and with less dust.
  • Pet friendly – Carpet and vinyl flooring can be a hassle with pets. Housebreaking accidents can cause stains and smells and claws on paws can tear up vinyl. Tile is impervious to most damage.
  • Affordable – Tiles range in price greatly – they can be as cheap as less than a $1 a square foot to $50 or more a square foot. But because tile lasts indefinitely, in the long-run it’s your best bet.


Types of Tile Flooring

Tile comes in a wide range of styles, colors and materials. Here are some of the options to consider:

  • Ceramic – Individual ceramic tiles start as low as $.50 each and come in almost every color you can imagine. It’s manufactured from natural clay and minerals and is very durable.
  • Porcelain – Made using the same process as ceramic tile, these are harder and thicker tiles and are more impervious to water and are usually frost resistant so they can be used outside too.
  • Travertine – This is a type of limestone and because it is formed naturally by hot springs, each tile will be one of a kind which gives you a beautiful yet non-repetitive look.
  • Marble – This highly durable stone exists in most colors that occur in nature and can be finished to have a high shine, a brushed finish or a tumbled look perfect for almost any room.
  • Slate – These tiles are made of metamorphic rock and ranges from rich earth tones of copper and red, darker shades of navy and black and in a wide array of browns and tans.
  • Quartzite – Another metamorphic rock tile, this can be used for indoor or outdoor applications, comes in a wide array of colors and is extremely durable.
  • Stone or Pebble – These are actual natural stones that are completely unique and can give your home a one of kind look. This is perfect if you want to bring the outside indoors.
  • Onyx – This stone has a transparent look that is gorgeous but is not a fit for high traffic areas. It comes in earth tones and has a smooth texture. It looks unlike any other stone.
  • Faux Wood – This is a more recent tile innovation that is actually ceramic tile but mimics the look of natural wood while being far more durable, water resistant and easier to maintain.

Choose Corvus Construction to Install Your Tile Flooring

For a fast and no-hassle tile floor installation, contact the experts at Corvus Construction. Owner Denis Vladyko has extensive experience working with tile of all types. Using an expert general contractor will reduce your labor and material costs because the work will be done efficiently with as little waste as possible. We offer standard installation of any tile or can design a unique look made of a blend of colors or tiles to create patterns, mosaics and more. Check out our portfolio of tile work here then call us at (206) 355-4981 for a free in-home estimate.