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A kitchen remodel is one of the best investments you can make in your home, so long as you make smart choices during the process. You may be already thinking about the look you want to achieve, the materials you want, upgraded appliances to complement the décor, floor covering and more.

But before you pick out your first paint chip or tile sample, you must make the most important decision of all – who will do the work for you? You want your kitchen remodel done right and with someone you can trust.

Corvus Construction is a top local general contractor. Owner Denis Vladyko works on-site, only takes on one project at a time so you have his full attention and commitment and has very high customer satisfaction ratings for his excellent results.

Managing Your Own Kitchen Remodel Can Lead to a DIY Disaster

You can manage your kitchen remodel project on your own, but this can leave you with poorer results and increased costs unless you’re an experienced hand with all of the tasks that make up the project. Here’s why:

  1. You’ll have to hire skilled laborers to handle different aspects of the work – each individual hire represents time to research and a risk that you’ll hire someone that won’t do a good job.
  2. You’ll have to know which type of workers you need and be sure you have enough labor on hand, but not too many – either way represents added costs or longer time for the project.
  3. You’ll have to oversee the project personally which represents an investment of a lot of your time and, without expertise, you may not know that there are problems with the project.

Corvus’ One Project Rule Produces the Best Results and the Kitchen Remodel You Want

Because Corvus Construction focuses on just one client and project at a time, you get more cost-effective, faster results and a higher quality kitchen remodel.

Here’s why:

  1. Corvus has decades of experience with kitchen projects, knows exactly what needs to be done, what skills are needed and will bring in an expert staff to ensure the remodel meets expectations.
  2. Corvus has a very high customer satisfaction rating so you know you’ll get the results you want within your budget and all delivered on time.
  3. Corvus’ excellent reputation gives you peace of mind that you won’t be left waiting, that the work will be done as promised and that you’ll get your money’s worth.
  4. Corvus’s owner Denis Vladyko will personally oversee your kitchen remodel project so you can relax and enjoy the fruits of our labors without stressing yourself with the day to day details.

Save Money with Corvus Construction

With any remodeling project, cost is always a factor, but Corvus Construction will ensure your kitchen remodel is accomplished on budget and on time. Because we have years of experience with projects like these, we can save you money. Here’s how:

  1. We know how much materials are needed based on our experience: this means you won’t overbuy and this saves money.
  2. We know how to work expertly with materials so breakage and waste is minimized: this means you won’t be paying for materials that aren’t part of the finished product.
  3. We know how to utilize labor effectively so that all workers on site are utilized at capacity and no one is sitting around: this means you don’t pay for downtime.

Feel Confident When Corvus Is on the Job

It’s a matter of great trust when you invite someone into your home. Corvus is an established local firm with a great reputation – not a big box that uses contractors they may not know or have properly screened. You can feel comfortable when you invite us into your home. Whether we work while you and your family are home or during the day when you can’t be there, you can trust our team to respect your home, privacy and to act with utmost professionalism.

A Track Record of Excellent Kitchen Remodel Jobs

In addition to controlling material and labor costs to keep your kitchen remodel project on budget, we have a reputation for providing excellent and reliable services in Snohomish County and surrounding communities.

One of the greatest risks with any home project is that you won’t get the results you want, that the workers won’t show up as promised, won’t complete the project or that the results will be less than promised.

You can read some of our testimonials here or check out our reviews on Angie’s List, Local Loop or City Search. You’ll see that we can be counted on to deliver the results you want on time and on budget for your kitchen remodel project.

Call Corvus Construction today at (206) 355-4981 or email us for a free estimate on your kitchen remodel project. We’re ready to give you the kitchen of your dreams – let’s get started today!

Some FAQ’s About the Process

How will the remodel impact my life? A remodel will put a kink in your everyday living until the project is complete however it mostly goes unnoticed once the initial project starts. That’s due in part to everyone on the team cleaning up at the end of each day, protecting your flooring with plastic and or rosin paper, covering the area near the work zone with plastic to reduce the dust, etc. 

What about if I have pets? Corvus is a pet friendly company but there comes a point during a remodel that your floor will not be able to be walked on. This could be anywhere from a few hours to several days depending on what your remodel includes. If you can block off the area from your pet this would be sufficient. In some home layouts this is not possible and you would need to make arrangements for your pet. 

What about cooking food? Food prep and cooking is going to be a challenge. If you prepare ahead of time you can reduce the amount of time you are eating out. Cook ahead and freeze precut portions then use you microwave to warm them up. If your kitchen is completely unusable Corvus can move your fridge to another room in your home so you can have access to your cold foods. Set up a mini kitchen in another room away from the dust or you will be dusting off your toaster and fresh fruit every day. BBQ is always a great way to get a warm meal.

How long will it take? Each job is different. You will be given a start date and an approximate end date. We communicate every step of the way so you will know how things are going during the entire process. We do our best to meet any extra challenges along the way to keep the intended end date.

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