Certified Dry-Treat installer

Do you have marble or other stone work with stains? Or have you just invested in an expensive porous countertop or exterior stone work and want to make sure it’s beautiful for years to come? Then you’ll be pleased to know that Corvus Construction is now a certified Dry-Treat installer. This is a newer product that will clean and seal all of your porous surfaces and protect them for years to come.

Certified Dry-Treat installer
Dry-Treat Certified Installer

Dry-Treat™ is an incredible technology developed over 20 years of science and engineering. This sealer infiltrates the pores of countertops and other surfaces – deeper than any other commercially available sealant–to protect your countertops, walls and flooring at the molecular level. Dry-Treat™ can be used both indoors and outdoors to protect all of your surfaces for years to come.

And the best news? Unlike other commercial sealants, Dry-Treat™ only has to be applied once. There’s no pesky year after year retouches needed. Once done, it’s done. Your surfaces are guaranteed to be protected for 15 years or more – but only when installed by a certified Dry-Treat™ installer like Corvus Construction.

Certified Dry-Treat installer

Types of surfaces protected by Dry-Treat™

Whether you’ve designed an avant-garde living space or just added pricey enhancements to your existing home for aesthetics, you’ll want to protect your investment. Weather, moisture, age and normal wear and tear can all devalue your prized surfaces. Protect your investment with Dry-Treat™ installed by Corvus.

Here are the surfaces we can treat as a certified Dry-Treat installer:

  1. Natural stone (granite, limestone, marble, sandstone, slate, travertine)
  2. Paving stone
  3. Concrete Paving and engineering concrete
  4. Brick and terracotta
  5. Porcelain tiles
  6. Grout
  7. Concrete
  8. Walls
  9. Facades

Why Dry-Treat™ Is the Preferred Sealant for Your Marble, Quartz and Other Porous Surfaces

Dry-Treat™ is different from other surface sealants because it penetrates deep into the porous surface of granite, quartz, concrete, tile, stone and other building materials. It forms a permanent molecular bond with the very pores of the surface it’s protecting.

Oil, water and salt are repelled by this permanent barrier, preventing damage before it starts. What’s more, the installation process clears off existing stains that you may have thought were permanent blemishes on your formerly beautiful and costly surface materials.

There’s a lot of science behind how Dry-Treat™ protects your porous surfaces. Specially engineered molecules of silane and fluorine polymers penetrate surfaces much deeper than any other sealant and form a permanent protective bond that repels liquids. You don’t need to understand the technology to appreciate the results. Let Corvus Construction show you how our certified installer services of Dry-Treat™ can protect your home for decades to come!

Certified Dry-Treat installer

Dry-Treat™ Products Available Through Corvus Construction 

Dry-Treat™ offers a variety of products specifically designed for all the porous surfaces of your home. As a certified installer, when we treat your home with any of these products, you will be eligible for extended warranties you can’t get if you use an uncertified firm. Here are the Dry-Treat™ products Corvus Construction can install in your home…

Dry-Treat 40SK

  1. Dry-Treat 40SK – Water repelling, permanent sealer that protects and strengthens soft stone such as sandstone, limestone and travertine.
  2. Enhance-Plus – Enhances surface material color as it protects from water, stains and salt damage.
  3. X-Duty Cleaner – High quality, low irritant heavy duty cleaner for extreme stains and deep down dirt damage to surfaces.
  4. S-P Cleaner – Mild cleaner for everyday use on your surfaces that have already been treated with a Dry-Treat™ product.
  5. Meta Crème – LEED compliant, ultra-low VOC next generation sealant for natural stone, tile, paving, brick, concrete and grout.
  6. Stain-Proof–Their original, deep penetrating permanent sealer for natural stone, paving, tile, brick, concrete and grout.

Contact Corvus for a Free Estimate on Dry-Treat™ Protection for Your Home

If you’ve invested in upgrades for your home – porous surfaces including granite, quartz and marble – you want to know they will be beautiful for years to come. Contact us for a free estimate on protecting your investment. We’ll come to your home, look at your porous surfaces, assess any existing damage and make treatment recommendations. And remember, only with a certified Dry-Treat™ installer like Corvus can you get the protection you need, with decades of pristine use guaranteed.

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