Meet The Corvus Construction Team

Corvus Construction was co-founded in 2006 by Denis and Brenda Vladyko. We’re pleased to introduce you to our team and look forward to getting to know you when we work on your addition, remodel, or renovation project.

Denis Vladyko

As the son of an electrical engineer, Denis was always a hands-on guy growing up. Denis turned his love of improving and tinkering into a love of building. His first project was a lake cabin built side by side with his father. Working with his father taught Denis the importance of precision and skill to avoid costly mistakes.

Prior to becoming a contractor, Denis was a software design engineer. Because of the background, Denis brings problem solving stills and the ability to look at things critically. These attributes pay off on a daily basis in the construction field.

While still working in software development, Denis and his wife Brenda bought their first home. It was a fixer upper (to say the least).

Renovating the house to make it a home for their family became a passion project for Denis. Along the way, Brenda noticed he found it more fulfilling than his “day job” and it brought back all those skills he developed working with his dad growing up.

This was a life-changing moment for Denis and Brenda. Both knew Denis had found his calling. He had lovingly crafted every inch of the house as he renovated and Denis decided that’s what he wanted to keep doing even after he had made their house a “home.” That was when Denis committed to a career change, with Brenda’s full support.

denis vladykoDenis developed a mentoring relationship with a local contractor who was preparing to retire.

He took Denis under his wing and offered to teach him everything he knew to complement Denis’ natural talent and the experience he’d gained remodeling their home into a showcase.

After working a while with his mentor and completing education and certification courses, Denis and Brenda were ready and launched Corvus Construction in August 2006 with the goal to be a different kind of contractor. Denis devotes himself to one project at a time although he books months ahead.

Denis is on site for every project and treats it like he would if he were working on his own home. This one-at-a-time philosophy ensures every job is done right, with the highest attention to detail and competitive cost. Denis and Brenda love what they do and are happy at the end of every day of hard work.

Brenda Vladyko

Corvus co-founder Brenda Vladyko is the key to the company’s smooth operations.

Brenda’s background in public relations helps her manage the office, handle behind the scenes operations, and ensure scheduling and materials orders run like clockwork.

Brenda also organizes our company events including community service events, park clean-ups, and customer appreciation events.

The Corvus Team

At Corvus Construction, we have set roster of skilled tradesmen we rely on for every project. Each and every one was mentored by Denis to ensure commitment to our company values. Some contractors hire temp labor or have a revolving door of employees, but not at Corvus. We pride ourselves on jobs well done. Denis and the core team deliver consistent results with attention to detail.

We conduct extensive background checks before inviting a new tradesman onto the team and only hire those that are loyal, devoted and care as much about the finished project as Denis does. The Corvus team is like a family, and we celebrate the completion of each job with pride in working as a team to produce spectacular results and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

Commitment to Clients

At Corvus Construction, we ensure your peace of mind throughout the process. First, every tradesman and team member is carefully and thoroughly background screened. Since we work in your home and around your family, it’s imperative that you feel safe when the Corvus crew is in your home. We aggressively screen before offering a position with Corvus. Your safety is our priority.

We strive to show you how important you are to us from the moment we step foot in your home. We show up on time, respect your home, property, and privacy throughout the process. We always carefully mask and tape to seal off construction dust and debris from the rest of your living space and achieve as little disruption as possible.

Our goal is to complete your project on time, as promised, and within the boundaries of the cost estimate. If it means we must work longer hours or on weekends to meet the deadline and quality standards, we’ll do it. We’re committed to keeping promises to clients. Your project is 100% of our focus from start to finish because we only work on one project at a time.

Commitment to the Community

Volunteers Silver Lake 2017

In addition to a commitment to client satisfaction, Corvus Construction cares about the community where we live and work. We’re raising our family here, so we know community matters and we dedicate time and energy to making a difference. We schedule regular community involvement activities and get our family, kids and all, involved in making the community, and our world, a better place.

To find out more about the Corvus Construction difference, contact us today for a free estimate. Denis will come and meet you in person at your home or business to discuss your project, prepare a free estimate, and answer all your question. We can’t wait to meet you.