1901 Everett Home Receives Bath and Kitchen Upgrades

Everett, which would eventually become the fifth largest city on the shores of the Puget Sound, has always been a town of dreamers, and those who work hard to see that the dreams come true. The town got its start when two passengers on the steamer Queen of the Pacific got a good look at … Read more

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

When you come right down to it, it is just a room with a bath. Even that isn’t quite true; a room with just a toilet and sink still counts. Well, it counts as a “half bath”. The modern definition of a full bathroom includes four plumbing fixtures; bathtub, sink, shower, and toilet. It is … Read more

Richmond Beach Bathroom Remodel, Before, After, and During

For some time we have been discussing how Bathroom Remodeling jobs can run from the simple, new paint and a few updated fixtures, to a complete, “strip to the studs” rebuild of the entire room. Generally, there is a lot of satisfaction to be gained from the simpler, more direct remodeling jobs. A few simple … Read more

What is the Inexpensive Way To Remodel the Bathroom?

Any remodeling job is going to be a series of trade-offs, especially with bathrooms. Generally, the things that you will be trying to balance are time, budget, and results. Conventional wisdom says that we can maximize any two of these, but only at the cost of the third. In other words, you can have a … Read more