VIDEO: How apply silicone caulk

How to apply silicone caulk and make a perfect bead every time There are a few main sealants on the market. The most commonly known are Latex based (painter’s caulk), Silicons and Polyurethane. The Latex based caulks are the easiest to work with and tool from all the rest of the sealants. Latex based sealants … Read more

VIDEO: How to preserve chalk lines while working

I use cheap, clear lacquer to lightly mist over my chalk lines. After about 1 min the lacquer dries enough for you to start walking and working over your chalk lines. This method does affect your Thinset bonding properties.

VIDEO: How to snap chalk lines solo

TIP: how to snap chalk line by yourself This video demonstrates how one can snap chalk lines by themselves. This technique will only work on surfaces that are relatively soft, and are not water proof. If the surface is water proof, then you can use any polyurethane sealant (such as Sikaflex) to patch the hole … Read more

VIDEO: Tutorial on Refinishing Cabinets

Refinishing white wash smooth panel red oak cabinet doors There are 5 major steps in each cabinet refinishing job. 1. Striping off existing cabinet finishes 2. Progressively sanding cabinets 3. Conditioning the sanded cabinets 4. Applying your stain of choice 5. Applying your clear coat of choice Refinishing any cabinets is a time consuming and … Read more

How to snap narrow strips of tile?

I’ve tried different techniques over the years, and the one I’m showing in this video offers a perfect solution. With a little practice this technique proved so useful that I’ve completed a number of ceramic tile jobs with just a tile cutter, polishing stone and an angle grinder