Corvus Construction and Friends Clean Up Forest Park! 2016

Every year, Corvus Construction hosts a park cleanup event to give back to the local community where the owners, Denis Vladyko and Brenda Vladyko, and their family live. This year, Forest Park in Everett was the spot chosen for the project and it was a big hit.

2016 Forest Park Clean Up Photo

It is always a privilege to work alongside the Everett Parks and Recreation Department and this year was no exception. We met and discussed with the parks group on which area could best use some TLC from the Corvus Construction crew and Forest Park needed us.

We invited clients, employees, friends and family to join us in the park last month and we all met, put on our Corvus shirts made especially for the project and got to work. We cleared an area overgrown with ivy and it was tough and dirty work, but well worth the end result.

corvus park everett clean up kids

If you haven’t been to Forest Park in Everett, it’s one green space that you should definitely make time to see.

There are hiking trails, great playgrounds, and a wet and wild splash pad to play on when the weather is hot – plus, in the summer, there’s a petting zoo.

There are also plenty of shade trees, picnic tables and benches, but one area of the park needed our help due to overgrowth. Our group of adults and pint-sized helpers got to work cutting back the vegetation that was tripping up park goers.

corvus park clean up tools

The kids worked hard and called it “giving the trees a haircut” which they now know will help keep the trees strong and healthy.

This busy park is a favorite among Everett residents so we felt it was a perfect place to host our annual cleanup and community service event.

After some hot and sweaty work, we all sat down to reflect on our efforts, enjoy some great food and hand out prizes to the hard-working kids who enjoyed a sense of accomplishment and some cool treats for the lucky winners.

corvus park clean up ivy 2016 Corvus working Clean Up 2016 Corvus BBQ Clean Up Dennis









We hid three prize cards for the kids and the winners walked away with a frozen yogurt gift card, Regal movie tickets or a day of play at Doodlebug Sports. As well as rewarding the kids, we fed everyone who came out to help afterward at our annual picnic.

The Corvus Construction volunteer appreciation BBQ was a big hit and Corvus owner and general contractor Denis Vladyko grilled up the brats (the sausages, not the kids!). This was another great cleanup project on the books and a tradition we’ll continue for years to come.

2016 Corvus Crazy Kids Clean Up

We at Corvus want to offer a big thank you to all the volunteers that came out and made a huge difference at Forest Park in Everett with just a few hours of sweat and toil. We are already looking forward to next year. We hope you can come out and join us next year.

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