Radiant Floor Heating Installation

Radiant Floor Heating Installation

Imagine having toasty floors underneath your feet that warm the whole room without the noise of a heating system and no duct work to dry out your sinuses or blow dust and trigger your allergies. Most of our heated flooring projects are bathrooms or kitchens, but we can install heating components in any room under your tile, linoleum or other flooring material.

Radiant Floor Heating Installation Makes Tile or Stone Like This Warm

The experts at Corvus Construction can come to your home to give you a free estimate for installing heated flooring in any room of your home.

Types of radiant heated flooring

There are three main types of heated flooring – air-heated, electric and hydronic. Here’s a quick look at how each type of system works.

1. Air-heated – This is the least efficient type of floor heating system and the most costly to operate because air can’t hold large amounts of heat. These aren’t often used and almost never in residential settings. We don’t recommend them.

2. Electric – This type is made of electric wires or a mat with electric wires built into it. This is the type of system we usually install for our clients and are most commonly installed in the bathroom.

3. Hydronic – These systems heat floors using heated water from a boiler through tubing inlaid underneath the flooring material. These are more commonly used in colder areas of the country where heaving heating is needed through a greater period of the year.

Radiant heated flooring can be installed when your home is first being built, when you’re adding on to it, are renovating or after-the-fact for any reason. Contact Corvus Construction now to find out more and get a cost estimate for your radiant heated flooring project.

Advantages of radiant heated flooring

Radiant heated flooring is best installed when you are upgrading or changing out existing flooring and can be done without adding significant time to a renovation project. There are a number of advantages of heated flooring including:

1. Reduced heating costs – Depending on the type of radiant system you choose and the areas of your home you install it in, you can see reduced heating costs on your monthly energy bills.

2. More consistent heat – Air blown heat from ducts can leave you with a hot head and cold feet. Radiator heating leaves cold patches in your rooms, but under-floor heating is more consistent.

3. Improves comfort – Heated flooring keeps you toasty from head to foot and makes your entire room warmer and cozier to be in. Nothing is worse than cold tile underfoot after a hot shower.

4. Peace and quiet – In-floor systems are virtually silent while radiators hiss and central heating can be noisy, particularly in smaller rooms.

5. Clean and dustless – Air heating systems blow dust, odors and germs while in-floor heating warms without dust and air. This can help reduce problems for allergy sufferers.

Corvus Construction can install your heated floors fast and affordably

We typically work with Nu Heat, Sun Touch, Warmly Yours and Schluter heated floors, but Schluter Detra Heat is the one we prefer. These systems are available in a wide variety of options and configurations. Installing in-floor radiant heating systems is not a project for the casual do-it-yourselfer. They require both flooring installation and electrical wiring knowledge.

Contact the professionals at Corvus if you’re considering retiling your kitchen or bathroom – that’s a perfect time to install a toasty heated floor. Call us at (206) 355-4981 for a free in-home estimate anywhere in the Seattle area.