The Many Faces of Stone

There are very few people who do not love the look of stone in building. Stone speaks of beauty, permanence, and stability. The myriad of colors, sizes, and textures – as well as the history and traditions inherent to stone – can lend a home incredible decorative impact and dramatically reflect the home owner’s personal tastes, needs, and desires.

Faces Stone

Stonework that is architecturally “in tune” with the home can be as unique and exclusive as artwork. That given, it is important to carefully consider the many faces of stone as you think about personalizing your home with its warm and sturdy appeal.

Here are a few basics:

1. Real or natural stone is by nature dense, heavy, and needs solid support. When a new home or building is under construction the architect or builder has preplanned for the addition of stone by designing strong structural elements to support the stone. Typically the builder extends the home’s foundation (a brick or stone ledge) past the house framing as an integral component of exterior stone walls. Adding a stone ledge to an existing house is not only difficult and time consuming, but can be very expensive.

Likewise, the use of natural stone in the home interior – such as fireplaces, walls, or even floors – must be structurally planned for from the get-go and is seldom the best choice for a retro-fit or remodel. Outdoor natural stone additions like fences, columns, or BBQ’s are easier to accommodate, but still need strong footings and the right expertise and skill to create a long-lasting and esthetically pleasing structure.

2. One of the best approaches to achieve the drama of stone without the hassle is manufactured stone. Also known as cultured stone, artificial stone, faux stone, stone veneer, or imitation stone…it has been manufactured to resemble the real thing! If you were to back-up even a decade it would be difficult to find a man-made cultured stone that could accurately mimic real, natural stone and rock. It truly did look pretty bogus!

But how times have changed. Manufacturing experience and new techniques and materials have produced a new generation of artificial stones and rocks that are nearly impossible to tell from their natural counterparts. Tough, lightweight, diverse, workable, and incredibly real looking — they can be used to create both exterior and interior stone design that is striking, maintenance-free, and will provide lasting beauty for years to come.

3. Ultimately, the hardest part becomes choosing the stone. Will it be natural or manufactured? What style, stone type, and color will you select that enhances the beauty and livability of your home? Is it simple or dramatic? What is your time-frame and budget? Will the project add value, enjoyment, and appeal to your home?

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