How much can contractors estimates vary by?

The simple answer is: “a lot”. Typically, more complex projects will result in a greater discrepancy in estimate prices. In other words – if you are getting 3 different estimates for a new granite counter top then the estimates should be within 15-25% of each other. However…

How to snap narrow strips of tile?

I’ve tried different techniques over the years, and the one I’m showing in this video offers a perfect solution. With a little practice this technique proved so useful that I’ve completed a number of ceramic tile jobs with just a tile cutter, polishing stone and an angle grinder

VIDEO: Cutting off narrow strips of tile

How to trim very narrow strips of tile on a wet saw Cutting any type of tile (natural stone or man made) on a wet saw is nothing new these days. Mark your cut line, place tile on a wet say, and cut. However, some times you need to trim off just a 1/16 of … Read more