What is an average cost of a bathroom remodel in Snohomish County?

The price varies a lot from project to project. Please check out “Average Cost of a Bathroom Remodel” article to get a better understanding on what affects the cost of a bathroom remodel in Snohomish County.

Based on our past bathroom remodels in Snohomish County, the prices per square foot for a bathroom remodel in Snohomish County as follows:
Average price per square foot: $249.51 per Sq. Ft.
Lowest price per square foot: $121.45 per Sq. Ft.
Highest price per square foot: $622.77 per Sq. Ft.

Bathroom remodel

Unfortunately, the average is simply a number that doesn’t mean a lot. That is because there are so many factors that go into each individual remodeling job. This is because the scope of bathroom remodeling jobs varies so much. It seems as though there are probably as many reasons for a bathroom remodel as there are bathrooms!

Why look into a bathroom remodel?

The reasons for a remodeling may be completely practical, such as improper ventilation that results in water beading on the ceiling, or major structural repair because of water damage. More often the remodel is called for because of fashion; the homeowner may be fed up with pink and brown tiles or the seahorse wall paper.

average cost bathroom remodel

Cosmetic upgrades are usually the simplest, although there may be a perceived inflation in response to fashion for the individual elements. Of course the most popular and highest quality fixtures are bound to cost more, but luckily bathroom fashion cycles seem to be less volatile than bedrooms or even kitchens. This means that bathroom upgrades should not require reinvestment for a number of years.

Bathroom remodeling requires special consideration because of the moisture factor. Almost by definition, the bathroom can and will be a wet place. It is important that the materials used in the bathroom be resistant to moisture, but it is even more vital that the construction be of high enough quality to ensure that the substrate, the underlying structure of the bathroom and house, is protected from moisture.

If moisture is allowed to reach the substrate, there is usually no way for it to get out. This means that rot is nearly inevitable, which means extensive and expensive renovations will be needed, and probably sooner than later.

average cost bathroom remodel

The useful life of a bathroom’s porcelain fixtures is practically infinite; they simply cannot be expected to wear out. The metal parts, faucets, drains, and flushing mechanisms may corrode or eventually wear, but they have been made to industry standards for nearly a century. This means that the metal parts can be replaced, but when investing in sinks, toilets or tubs, classic white may be a better option than stylish colors which may go out of fashion in a season or two.

An important element that often gets little thought in a bathroom remodeling job is lighting. Natural lighting is preferable, but as anyone who has spent a winter in the Puget Sound can attest, there are limits to natural lighting. Consider both area lighting and task lighting for the bath space.

A full, bright area light will be welcome as your family prepares to face the day. But the same light may be too harsh for a middle-of-the-night visit to the facilities.

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