How to prepare for your remodel

Everything you need to know about prepare for your remodel, how to prep your area, and what to expect during the construction.

3 Home Upgrades To Consider For Your Kitchen And Bath

3 Home Upgrades

With summer entertaining upon us, it’s a great time of year to consider upgrades to your home. The best additions to your living space should accomplish three goals: increase the value of your home, boost your satisfaction, and improve functionality. When investing in home improvements, it’s always wise to consider features that will add value … Read more

Why Invest in Heated Tile Flooring

home upgrades heated tile

On chilly mornings, waking up to a cold bathroom floor can be a shock to the system. Even worse is when you get up in the middle of the night and icy tile wake you – and then you struggle to get back to sleep. A perfect solution is to install heated tile. It is … Read more

Bathroom Remodel Takes Outdated Bathroom from Smallish to Stylish

If you’re tired of your bathroom, but worry that your space is too limited for you to get stunning results, have we got something to show you! We recently were asked to do a bathroom remodel on a nearly 25 year old home in Mukilteo. The bathroom was very modest-sized and featured an out of … Read more

Small Bathroom Remodeling Costs

When we begin discussing remodeling the small bathroom, the first step should be defining just what the small bathroom is, or is not. The obvious place to start is with the physical size of the space. A cut off of around 55 square feet is a workable limit. In a small home or apartment, this … Read more