How to prepare for your remodel

Here are some FAQ’s about the process and what to expect

So, you’re finally ready to start that remodel you’ve been dreaming about – congrats! This part of the process is so exciting, but also nerve-wracking as there are so many unknowns as you start to transform your home. This post is all about how to prepare for your remodel, what to expect during the process, as well as steps you can take to minimize disruptions to your life while construction is going on.

To-dos before construction begins

First things first, take lots of pictures. You are about to completely transform your home and you will definitely want to remember how it all looked before you started. Take pictures from every angle, especially along outside walls which will be easy to recreate when the transformation is finished so you can get the same angle as the “before” pictures. Try and remember to take pictures during the process as well – you will be glad you did!

prepare for your remodel

Designate a storage spot. Whether it’s a guest room, a corner of the office, the basement, the garage, or a paid storage facility, find a spot that can handle the boxes and bins for a few weeks or months, depending on the scope of your project. If your remodel will take place over a holiday, be sure and pull that decor and bins out first if you will be decorating the remainder of the house for the holiday. The same is true for anything you might need that is already stored away – make sure you don’t bury anything you might need behind boxes.

What about cooking? For kitchen remodels, food prep and cooking is going to be a challenge. If you prepare ahead of time, you can reduce the amount of time you are eating out. Cook ahead and freeze precut portions then use the microwave to warm them up. If your kitchen is completely unusable, Corvus can move your fridge to another room in your home so you can have access to your cold foods. If nothing else, the BBQ is always a great way to get a warm meal without using the kitchen.

prepare for your remodel

Set up a mini kitchen in another room. Make sure this space is away from the dust and debris or you will be dusting off your toaster and fresh fruit every day. I suggest leaving out a toaster/airfryer, microwave, coffee maker, and an electric kettle as well as any must-haves like spices, bread box, and a place to keep shelf-stable foods.

How to pack up your space to prepare for your remodel

Clear out anything you can. Construction is messy and requires space – make sure you tidy up and remove anything and everything that you can. As you pack up, keep your new space in mind and donate anything that no longer fits in your new decor. Keep a donation box handy and I guarantee it will fill up fast. For any storage and organizational items, box those up for long term storage, but wait to place them into the storage until last because you will want them out first so you can organize your new space the right way.

Decide what needs to be quick-grab and what can be stored away for long-term. Since pretty much everything is going to need to be stored while work is being done in the space, the important part is figuring how to store it all so you can still live in the space. During a kitchen reno you will want to keep out as little as possible. I suggest using paper products or leaving out a place setting for every family member, and then pack up everything else you can. For a bathroom, downsize your bathing products and accessories to fit in a simple shower caddy.

What to expect during construction

How will the remodel impact my life? A remodel will put a kink in your everyday living until the project is complete. No matter how clean and courteous the construction team is, your day-to-day activities will be affected. Dust, noise, debris as well as workers coming and going is all part of the process. If you mentally prepare for your remodel and for this disruption, it will help the project go a whole lot smoother. We do everything we can to keep your space as clean as possible, cleaning up at the end of each day, protecting your flooring with plastic and/or rosin paper, covering the area near the work zone with plastic to reduce the dust, etc. 

prepare for your remodel

What about if I have pets? Corvus is a pet-friendly company, but for most projects there comes a point during a remodel that your floor will not be able to be walked on and surfaces must be kept clear. This could be anywhere from a few hours to several days depending on what your remodel includes. If you can block off the area from your pet this would be sufficient in most cases. In some home layouts this is not possible, and you would need to make pet sitting arrangements ahead of time. We will do our absolute best to communicate when we need the space pet-free with as much notice as possible.

How long will it take? Each job is different. You will be given a start date and an approximate end date. We communicate every step of the way so you will know how things are going during the entire process. We do our best to meet any extra challenges along the way to keep the intended end date.

Get excited – You are about to undergo an amazing transformation in your home. One you will enjoy with friends and family for years to come. Worrying about how to prepare for your remodel shouldn’t be on your to-do list. Don’t lose sight of why you began this remodeling project in the first place. You are on your way to loving your newly remodeled space!