Bathroom Remodeling can be Simple or Intensive Deepending on Your Needs

Bathroom Remodeling Choices When you think about it, the bathrooms in your house aren’t really the flashiest feature of the home. And that’s probably OK. We think about how important the bedroom is because we spend so much time there (if we are getting all the sleep that the doctors recommend.) The living room and … Read more

Bathroom Remodel in Lynnwood – day by day photos

Original Bathroom: This is a picture of the bathroom before the work began. Existing bathroom features pink glazed ceramic tile for the shower surround, as well as the tub surround. Bathroom floor is 12×12 porcelain tile. Existing tub is almond color fiber-glass with offset drain. Existing cabinets are oak, that had been painted over with … Read more

Mixing materials and going all out

It is a fairly standard procedure to not mix material types too much when tiling your bathroom or kitchen. I have recently finished a bathroom remodeling project at my own house (which made my wife very happy given that I had the place torn up for a long time and just didn’t have enough time … Read more

How to snap narrow strips of tile?

I’ve tried different techniques over the years, and the one I’m showing in this video offers a perfect solution. With a little practice this technique proved so useful that I’ve completed a number of ceramic tile jobs with just a tile cutter, polishing stone and an angle grinder