Creative Kitchen Color Schemes

Choosing a base color for your kitchen remodeling job is simple, even with the huge variety of choices available. In order to choose the proper base color for your kitchen, go with the colors the cook likes! This should be a simple matter of asking, but it may be informative to take a look at … Read more

Best Kitchen Lighting Options For Your Remodel

The Best Lighting you can have in your kitchen is natural light. However, that can be tough to manage several months of the year, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. Hopefully, during the months when the natural light is best, you will be outside grilling, and not that concerned about lighting in the kitchen. Kitchen … Read more

Best Kitchen Cabinet Materials

For years, designers and families have agreed that the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. The living and dining rooms are for formal entertaining, bedrooms and bathrooms are rather private spaces, but the kitchen is where family and friends gather for informal interaction. It is obviously the source of the delicious meals … Read more

Kitchen Remodeling can Improve Your Creative Work Space and Home Life

Kitchen Remodeling Considerations Realtors will disagree amongst themselves as to how much a kitchen remodeling job will add to the resale value of a home. It comes down to so many factors in each individual sale that resale value is a terrible reason to do a complete kitchen makeover. How much you enjoy cooking, and … Read more