Creative Kitchen Color Schemes

kitchen color schemesChoosing a base color for your kitchen remodeling job is simple, even with the huge variety of choices available. In order to choose the proper base color for your kitchen, go with the colors the cook likes!

This should be a simple matter of asking, but it may be informative to take a look at the small appliances and cookware that the cook already has in their arsenal. This may also provide clues to an acceptable overall color scheme.

Of course, there is no rule that says a certain color scheme in the kitchen will have any bearing on how the meals prepared there will ultimately taste. However, it is easy to see that a happier cook will lead to better meals and a happier family.

Perhaps because cooking is such a creative activity, trends in kitchen d├ęcor seem to be leaning toward bright and fun. We will not go so far as to say garish, but it would not be very far from the mark.

What ever base color is chosen, it is a simple matter to find compliments by using a color wheel. There are no hard and fast rules when choosing a kitchen color scheme, but there are a few useful guidelines that are worth considering.

There is no rule stating that each wall in the kitchen has to be the same color. Choosing to make one or two walls a different shade, or even a complimentary color, can liven up the entire work space. If the kitchen is the center of family life, embrace your connection to the planet by choosing colors that come from the earth.

Deep blues from the sea and sky can work with tans and chocolate trim which represent soil and minerals. Don’t forget greens to represent the bounty of plant life that we convert into dinner.

Simple and bold black and white color schemes have the potential to be either classic or ultramodern, depending on how they are employed. Black and white checker patterned tiles on the floor may harken back to the classic diners of the War years and 1950’s cinema. Shiny blacks and bright whites, especially in combination with bright chrome trim pieces, can create a space age effect.

Never forgetting that we are dealing with kitchen colors, food based colors can be a lot of fun. Think deep oranges, peach, lemon yellows, tomato reds and lime greens. There are several ways to use these bright and tasty colors. A favorite is to use a fairly neutral color for the base, and use the bright fruit colors for trim and accents.

Another subtle way to inject so me fun with color is to keep the walls in neutral colors and then to go a little crazy on the ceiling. Stripes or polka dots in bright fruit colors can inject a lot of merriment, but are out of the way when it is time for seriously creative cooking.

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