Why Consider a Home Remodel for Baby Boomers to Address Changing Needs

If you love your home, have lived in it for years and would like to live in it for years to come, you may want to take some proactive steps to ensure that as your needs change, your home is still accessible, safe and comfortable for you.

home remodel baby boomersNo one likes to think about aging, health concerns or any limitations on activities, but the fact is, as we age, health issues are inevitable. Even minor aches and pains can make getting around more of a hassle, and major issues such as a stroke or degenerative arthritis can make accessibility more of a challenge. 75% of people surveyed by the AARP expect to remain in their home for the rest of their life and 51% of them anticipate having to make accommodations so they can stay in their home.

If you wait for something to happen to you or a loved one that compromises your health and ability to function in your home, it can be difficult to get an accessibility remodel done rapidly. This can mean a prolonged stay in the hospital or a care facility while your home is changed to accommodate your new needs.

But if you look proactively at a remodel, you can ensure that no matter what health issues might arise, you’ll be able to stay in your home as long as you want and are able. Here are some of the accessibility options Corvus Construction can help you install:

Entry and Upper Level Modifications

Just getting into your home can be a challenge if you develop a physical disability, have a stroke or develop Parkinson’s or other diseases that make even simple physical activities like climbing stairs a challenge. Installing sturdy hand rails can make stairs easier to navigate. For even more assurance that you’ll be able to access your home no matter what, a wheelchair friendly ramp is an easy upgrade.

If you have an upper level in your home, climbing these stairs can become a challenge in the future. Changes to address this can include remodeling your ground floor to move your master bedroom there or add a lift device to your staircase to allow you to sit and be transported to the upper floor.

Throughout your home, flooring choices can enhance or detract from accessibility. Carpet can make it difficult to get around with a wheelchair. Wood, tile and solid surface flooring can make it easier to move around and less likely to trip. Wider doorways with seamless transitions can also improve accessibility.

Kitchen Modifications

Most of us take our ability to reach our sinks and cabinets for granted but if you have a health change that limits your ability to stand or leave you having to rely on a walker or crutch, you may need enhanced accessibility to your storage, sink and cooking areas. Safety rails can help, but there are a load of other enhancements that can address more serious challenges. These can include:

• Lowered wall oven so that it’s accessible from a seated position
• Raised dishwasher for easier loading and unloading without bending
• Modified sinks can move plumbing and eliminate cabinetry underneath for wheelchair access
• Counter heights can be lowered for easier access and cabinets can be lowered as well
• Widened spaces between counters and appliances and wider doorways are all important

Bathroom Modifications

Bathroom access is critically important and this can be easily addressed. Smaller bathrooms in older homes can be a particular challenge that can be addressed with a quality remodel. But even larger master baths need accessibility tools to allow you to safely use the facilities without risking a fall that can further compromise your health. Here are some of the modifications to consider:

baby boomers home remodel• No barrier showers (for wheelchair and walker access)
• Flip down shower chairs
• Detachable shower heads
• Shower grab bars
• Step-in tubs for easier access
• Steam showers for arthritis and Parkinson’s sufferers
• Temperature pre-sets to prevent burns
• Higher toilets with safety handrails

Why Consider an Accessibility Remodel?

It’s not just your own health that you should consider when you think about accessibility to your home. As you age, your friends will age as well and if any of them become limited in their ability to get around, ensuring your home is handicap friendly can make it easier for you to continue socializing. You may also have an elderly parent that you’re considering taking care of and addressing accessibility can make it easier for you to care for them in your home when they’re no longer able to care for themselves.

There are a myriad of reasons you should consider rethinking your home design as you age and Corvus Construction can offer you a free consultation and suggestions for you to consider. Contact us today for a free in-home estimate on making your home more accessible for special needs concerns. Contact Corvus Construction today at (206) 355-4981, use our website contact form or email us directly to info@corvus-construction.com.