Kids Club House

A Construction Project Straight from the Heart

You may have heard the old saying that it’s the shoemaker’s children that go barefoot. At the end of a long work week, it’s often difficult to muster the energy to do for your family what you’ve been doing for clients all week. This saying could be expanded to include lots of other professions… consider the plumber’s wife who has a sink that stays clogged… Even if you love what you do, when it comes to your spare time, you want to put work out of mind and do anything else.

Kids Club House

Denis Vladyko, owner of Corvus Construction, is no exception to the shoemaker’s saying. He loves his work – remodeling and revamping homes all over Snohomish County – but at the end of the day, he wants to relax without a hammer in his hand.

But much to his children’s delight, Denis pledged to break free from the cliché and build his two daughters a playhouse paradise worthy of his pickiest construction clients. When it comes to kids playhouses, they range from rickety sheds to a few two by fours nailed helter skelter up in a tree. But as a construction professional, Denis was not about to skimp on quality when it came to his girls’ play space.

There are no drafty gaps or spider-filled corners in the playhouse he lovingly constructed for his daughters. Instead, it’s an eco-friendly model of playtime perfection. Built on a top tier in his Everett backyard, Denis designed a mini-house that outperforms his full-size one for energy efficiency.

Complete with heavily insulated walls and expert drywall, this is a playhouse for all seasons. The rains and chilly winter of the Pacific Northwest will not put a dent in how cozy the little house will keep his daughters year-round.

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Denis opted for industrial carpet so mud tracked in during the rainy season (all nine months of it) won’t damage the décor. And to achieve the interior look his daughter’s would love, he set them loose with their favorite pink and purple paints to adorn the drywall in a style suited uniquely to them.

Featuring indoor and outdoor lighting and electrical outlets, Denis’ daughters enjoy illuminated play on late summer nights and stay well-lit when winter darkens the day well before playtime is done. His daughters have made the most of their energized play space, installing a CD player to enjoy music while they play and even setting up their own little Christmas tree, complete with lots of lights, during the holidays.

Of course the girls don’t care about the insulation and draft-proofing – they’re just thrilled to have a hideaway to call their own. As they enjoy their treasured play space for years to come, they just know their Daddy loved them enough to pick that hammer back up after a long day of work to construct them a space of their own – a project straight from his heart!

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