Corvus Construction Boss to Be Jailed… For Doing Good!

When you hear that a local business leader has been arrested, it’s usually bad news. But in the case of Denis Vladyko, it’s great news. At noon on April 4th, the founder of Corvus Construction will be arrested and cuffed at his job site and taken off to “jail” along with other local Everett community leaders – all for the best possible cause – to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association!

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Denis and the other business leaders will be hauled off to lock-up at the Everest Comcast Arena to serve not-so-hard time until they are bailed out by donations from the community. After the perpetrators are lined up for their mug shots, they’ll be put behind bars for good… Doing good, that is.

When he agreed to participate in the MDA event, Denis pledged to raise at least $3,200 for the worthwhile cause and is busy raising that money from friends, family, business associates and other sources. Denis has committed to contributing a large amount of his bail himself – although his wife Brenda may hold the check and let him sit in lock-up for a while…

MDA lock-up events happen throughout the year all across the country with participation from business and community leaders and are a major source of fundraising for the charity. All funds raised by these do-gooder “criminals” will go toward lifesaving research into muscular dystrophy, support group sessions for families stricken by the disease and summer camps for young sufferers of this terrible illness.

All donations are fully tax deductible and will directly benefit the more than 2,000 children, adults and their families who live in Everett and throughout Western Washington and are coping with MDA. If you are interested in donating, you can find out more here. All donors will get a mug shot of Denis to abuse in whatever way they see fit!

While in lock-up, Denis will work hard to get time off for good behavior – he’ll be meeting and talking with some of the local Everett MDA victims who will visit the “jailed” business leaders at the arena. His participation in this event is just part of Denis’ enduring commitment to the Everett community.

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He takes every opportunity to work toward improving Everett – Denis believes strong communities make for strong families and brighter futures for all of us. Be on the lookout for MDA “law enforcement” as they arrest Denis and other community leaders on April 4th as they Make a Muscle and Make a Difference to help MDA!

To learn more about Denis and Corvus Construction and how we can help you make your house a home, click here. To learn more about Muscular Dystrophy Association lock-up events, click here.