Kitchen Remodeling Big Four

Any remodeling job needs to be done to make the family living in the home happy. The thought of having portions of the house remodeled to get a bigger return on a home sale as largely based on a myth. More often than not remodeling to attract buyers is a sure way to loose money. With one notable exception: nice kitchens sell homes.

kitchen remodeling

This certainly does not mean that your family shouldn’t have a nice kitchen. Much to the contrary, families are discovering that when they take time to cook and eat together they become closer. The kitchen is no longer just mom’s space anymore. Husbands and sons are discovering the joy of cooking, and want to get into the fun.

With this in mind, we would like to present seven of the most popular upgrades we are seeing in kitchen remodeling jobs. Yes, it is all about fashion, but these are styles which we feel have a great deal of staying power. This means that any of these upgrades will last, and you won’t be looking to remodel again soon just to answer the whim of fashion.

Stainless Steel

No other material manages to be “sleek and modern” and “traditional industrial” quite like stainless steel. The popularity of stainless appliances can be attributed, at least in part, to the popular shows on the food network. Stainless certainly gives the impression of being restaurant grade.

There are quite a few advantages to stainless, it is incredibly durable and it is easy to clean. The brushed finish means that it is OK to get a little aggressive on stubborn spills.

European Cabinets

Any kitchen needs places to put all the stuff. Even if the Ikea aesthetic fails to fit your taste in the rest of the house, European style cabinetry works very nicely in the kitchen.

These cabinets are notable for their lack of visible hardware, so it is easy to keep your cabinet fronts clean and attractive. This can also be a money saver for your remodeling project- if you don’t want the expense of new cabinets you can get the look with new hardware and door-faces.

Solid Surface Counter Tops

Your counter topis where all of your food preparation takes place, so it needs to be a surface that is simple to clean and disinfect. Laminate, tile, or wood is simply too porous to be properly cleaned. Not to mention that laminate counter tops look like an artifact from another decade.

Solid Tops are generally made from solid stone or composite material with stone components and polymer. The disadvantage to this type of counter top is that it must be manufactured and installed as a single piece, but this yields a beautiful and durable work surface.

Under cabinet lighting

Lighting is usually a forgotten remodeling element. As more people are truly enjoying their time working in the kitchen, they are discovering how important it is to see what they are doing.

Harsh centralized lighting is usually uncomfortable. Smaller task lighting works much better, not only for the task at hand, but for the overall mood of the space.

For more information on these or any other kitchen remodeling considerations, get in touch with the professionals at Corvus Construction today.