10 bathroom remodeling ideas

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10 bathroom remodeling ideas only a designer would think about Snohomish County remodel

Corvus Home Bathroom Remodeling Ideas from a Designer’s Point of View

Remodeling a bathroom isn’t a small feat. Every detail is important. Design is a dialogue. It’s a conversation piece; with any art form, it becomes a visual aesthetic. Most of all, it encompasses the whole rather than focusing on an isolating, distinct feature. The overall size and design of that space dictate the layout and function.

Are you a bath or shower person? A bathroom is more than just a place to wash up – it’s a personalized retreat where you can soak away your cares.

For instance: A “wet room” blurs the line between the tub and shower to accommodate bathing and showering in the same area. The shower tray and enclosure are removed to open the space, while all flooring and drains are flush throughout to create one cohesive room. As people look for ways to make their homes more personalized, they are turning to this contemporary layout to meet their needs.

heated bathroom flooring Snohomish County remodel

Heated Flooring

Two types of radiant floor heating are electric and water-based systems. Both provide heating in a room from the floor up for consistent, efficient warmth. Warm water systems run hot water through pipes to create heat, whereas electric underfloor heating heats wiring beneath the floor to generate heat.

Electric radiant floor heating

Tile, stone, and marble are all excellent choices with the installation of 120V ThermoShower™ Mats. They are specially designed to fit standard shower floors with a 3.5″ drain cut-out hole for fast and easy installation. Standard ThermoTile® mats are best suited for tile floors, whereas the open-weave mesh allow for only one thin-set layer and on-site relocation of the drain hole. They are UL listed for shower installation.

SunStat® thermostats offer several options for controlling where and when a floor is heated. Radiant heat can be added under an existing floor. Floor heating systems increase the floor height in a room by an average of less than 1/2 inch. Schluter®DYTRA-HEAT is an example of an electric floor warming system used for tile.

decorative tile drains Snohomish County remodel

Decorative Shower Drains

Signature hardware has so many options for linear shower drains. However, Replacement WEDI ® Square-shaped Shower Drain Covers by Designer Drains™ give you so many choices like Geometric, Oceanus, Architecture, Nature, and Elements for sketched design.

Tile Ideas for Walls and Floors

Tiling Walls and Floors consist of Ceramic (glazed), Terra Cotta and Stone (any bisque, pot, paver, etc). Porcelain clay is much denser than Ceramic. Two advantages for choosing porcelain clay are that it’s suitable for radiant heat, and it’s waterproof. For walls, the distressed look has become popular. Glass and mosaics are used as backsplash and as accents in walls to bring contrast. Anatolia Ledger stone are the most gorgeous three-dimensional, stacked desert sandstone flat panels. Their rustic features like the “Nordic Crystal,” “Carbon,” “Glacier,” and “Beachwalk,” truly set them apart from others.

Caesarstone® surfaces are a luxurious alternative to tiles with the large floor-to-ceiling panel size. Realstone Rain by Ragno is an English limestone for floor and wall ceramic groutless tile. Combining rugged, darker tones with an industrial look gives it a masculine feel. By using oil rubbed bronze or polished nickel hardware, you can achieve that balance. For those who love marble, Marvel PRO is one of the sought-after porcelain stoneware choices for flooring and wall tiles because it mimics the deep veins of traditional marble.

colored tile grout Snohomish County remodel

Grout Color

Grout color depends on the actual base color of the tile. This allows the detail of the tile to shine through; the tile itself becomes the focus. The color, pattern and veining of marble, travertine or porcelain tiles come forward when the grout is matched to the tile. It’s great in small spaces when you want to visually expand the room.

Instead of the installation pattern of the tile being the focal point, the graphic nature fades into the background, leaving the beauty of the tile itself to shine through.This can be a great option when you want a simple and classic look that draws the eye into the marble’s natural color variation and veins.

custom shower built in shelves

Hidden Shower Niches and Built-In Shelving

Alape’s “Assist” line is a complementary shelf system which comes in different versions to match any spatial requirement. Thanks to its subtle design, it integrates harmoniously into every bathroom type and style. The multi-functional shelves for bathroom accessories offer holistic solutions with diverse and individual design options.

Ceramic tile shelf Insets can be customized within the corner nook or wall, in the back splash or in the shower wall. Corner Pentagon glass shelves give a sleek look. Hidden shower niches, corner mid-level shower “in-shelves” and ledges are a perfect way to highlight and accent. It can be purposeful and practical or you can use it for a waterproof bluetooth shower speaker for ambient moods or music!  

built in bathroom shelving organization

Built-in Cabinet organization

Whether it’s color scheme, cabinetry, fixtures, tile, shelving, grout/no grout, heated flooring, etc., the overall practicality and function should always be the mainstay of any bathroom remodel. Think innovatively when you are considering storage options such as cabinetry and shelving. Having carefully placed or hidden storage within your vanity creates a tidy area to avoid mess or clutter.

Consider bespoke cabinetry as a great solution for creating functionality in your perfect bathroom. A floating cabinet is an awesome small bathroom remodel idea! Not only is this a popular design trend, but a sleek vanity that doesn’t stretch all the way to the floor will visually open up your space as well.

custom shower glass Snohomish County remodel

Custom Shower Glass

Sturdy tempered glass shower panels are available in several thicknesses, including premium 1/2″ glass, with a choice of different colors and styles, such as bronze or frosted glass.

Glass holes are custom drilled before tempering so that shower door handles, towel rods, and robe hooks can be installed at a later time. The scallop cut out allows hinges to fit flush with the door.

glass shower hinges


A pivot hinge is secured top-to-bottom. It allows a revolving door to spin, while staying in place. Most pivot-hinged shower doors mount top-to-bottom at the corners of the door, allowing the door to swing 180 degrees in each direction. (Pivot hinges that are center-mounted create a true revolving door).

A side-mount hinge is similar to the door hinges in your home. One side of the hinge is anchored on the side of a frameless glass door. The other side of the hinge is mounted to a wall or another glass panel. Shower glass comes in frosted, rain, and low iron content. Mitered Glasses are cut at a 45° angle to form a 90° when joined. Choose between a small, 2” by 2” metal clip that creates the feeling of “framelessness” or a thin, easily concealed, U-channel that holds the glass erect.

  • Corner Shower doors consist of two glass walls and two solid walls, and fits in the corner of your bathroom. The door can attach to glass or to the wall and can open to the left or right.
  • Angle Shower doors diamond-shaped shower door is another type of corner shower door. There are usually 5 panels – two solid and three glass, but configurations can vary.

These glass panels deliver the ultimate in minimalist chic and also lead the way in universal design. Glass offers relevance and staying power for the long haul. Other options are the inline shower, which includes a glass shower door and at least one other glass panel. The door can attach to glass or to the wall, and can open from the left or right.

bathroom vanity mirror lighting

Custom Vanity Mirrors and Lights

Mirror defoggers offer a safe and easy way to keep mirrors steam free. The mirror defogger is self-adhesive and is mounted directly on to the reverse side of the mirror. They are energy efficient, due to their low energy consumption. Bathroom lights like the Possini Euro Jada and Midtown Crystal Vanity as well as George Kovac’s Sabre Glass avant-garde lighting offer a contemporary feel. A bathroom is more than just a place to wash up – it’s a personalized retreat where you can light a candle or burn sage or the aroma of an essential oil diffuser.

shower heads Snohomish County remodel

Shower Heads

Over 48% of homes use rain shower heads. Some combine bath and showers in the same space known as a “wet room.” 36% of those love a tub for two. Hudson Reed shower heads are designed to work at a wide variety of temperatures, pressures, and are compatible with almost all hot water systems. They can be combined with shower pumps to ensure a superior showering experience.

The thermostatic cartridge helps to make sure your system always operates at a safe temperature and assists the prevention of accidental scalding. These showers feature a pre-programmed temperature of 100°F which can be manually modified, making them an ideal choice for any family home.

The ideal shower is one that awakens your senses and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead such as the gunmetal finish “Interval Concealed Thermostatic Shower Panel” with Head.

An important decision should be made regarding shower heads:

  • Are your water pipes large enough?
  • Can your water supply and/or well handle the volume requirement?
    (well systems typically produce 5-12 GPM)
  • Can your water heater provide enough HOT water?
  • Do you have enough water pressure for the desired system you want?

WEDI® Systems

WEDI® system is a brand often used because it is a complete shower kit which includes a tile backer board. This provides a weatherproof alternative to the traditional route. It comes in multiple varieties of sloped shower pans, thus allowing the shower to drain properly.

By utilizing a step-by-step planner and checklist, your architect and contractor can make informed choices of the layout and design that will complement your home. Whether you want rustic, modern, luxury or minimalist, the choice of material should reflect a contemporary private oasis where you can relax.

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