Finish Your Snohomish County Basement for Indoor Winter Play

basement play room remodel

When it’s sunny outside, the backyard, park, and playground are the perfect place for your children to run and play. But when the weather turns wet, cold, and the sun sets earlier in the day, kids wind up indoors and at loose ends. If you have an unfinished, half-finished, or ill-finished basement, now is the perfect time to make it into a usable space just in time for winter and the busy holiday season.

What’s the best use for your Snohomish County basement?

Sometimes basements can wind up being a disorganized storage space or where you push clutter, boxes, and unused items. But that can all change quickly with a thoughtful finishing project that gets you organized, puts you in control of the space, and creates more livable space in your home. The starting point for any project like this is assessing your needs.

  • Do you have toys and games scattered and your kids need room to frolic?
  • Do you have overnight guests often but nowhere to put them comfortably?
  • Do you have lots of stuff you need to store, and your closets are overflowing?
  • Do you want to have the option to rent the finished space for extra money?
  • Do you want a multi-use or dedicated space?

Depending on the size of your home, family, and usage needs, you may want to refinish your basement as a multi-use or a dedicated space. If you have a small basement and a couple of kids, a dedicated playroom with some supplemental well-designed storage might be a perfect solution. If you have middle or high-schoolers, a rec room with a home theater or tabletop gaming area may be better.

If you have frequent overnight visitors, a revamp that includes one or two bedrooms plus an ensuite bathroom could be an excellent choice. For those that may want a guest room they can use for extra earnings, remaking your basement into a mini-apartment with a bedroom, living space, bathroom, and kitchenette may be the way to go. If you have all these, needs a hybrid redesign could be the answer.

basement remodel apartment

Think long-term and big picture when planning

Remember also that your needs will likely change and evolve. A playroom is good for elementary school and younger children. Rec rooms and home theaters can be good for teens and childless couples with busy social lives. Will you have an aging parent live with you eventually? An in-law suite and supplemental storage may be the best use of space.

With some careful planning and an expert basement remodeler, you can come up with a plan to meet your needs now and in the future. Walls are difficult to move once in place, as are plumbing and water lines and electrical wiring. So, think ahead and decide how you want to use the basement now and how you might want to use it in the future so that you don’t preclude future possibilities.

Just in time for bad weather – a space for fun and play

Snohomish County has rain year-round that can put a damper on your kids playing outdoors to run off all their energy. If you have a smaller home, there might not be elbow room for them in the main living areas or their bedroom. It’s a great time to refinish your basement to make a playroom and extra family living space.

Depending on the size of your basement, you might have room for play and toy storage. A bigger basement may have room for a dedicated play area plus an area with a comfortable couch and TV for family movie time. Some other design tips to consider:

1 – Be sure to build in lots of storage. It can help the kids keep their stuff organized and will remain useful as they grow.

2 – Consider flooring carefully. Easy-to-swap carpet squares rather than wall-to-wall make it low stress if craft paint or grape juice stain the floor.

3 – Try to avoid pieces that are overly childlike. Go for comfort and durable fabrics. This allows the space to evolve more fluidly as your needs change.

4 – Consider separating spaces with sliding doors, folding screens, or curtains if you also use the basement as a home office or non-toy storage area.

5 – Ensure the basement is ready for finishing. If you have any leaks, foundation cracks, or other structural issues, take care of those first!

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