Bathroom Made Beautiful with Non-traditional Tile Accents

bathroom tile remodelAt Corvus Construction, quality kitchen and bathroom remodels are our specialty. And while it’s great to go and pick out some nice tool for your kitchen backsplash or bathroom, what’s even better is when it can be configured uniquely to give you a custom-made design that will be one-of-a-kind and the envy of all who see it.

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel and need your shower replaced or upgraded, tile is a great way to go.

We’ve tiled hundreds of showers and most homeowners go for the standard look you see in home d√©cor magazines or online. What you’ve likely seen, and may have now, is tile underfoot in the shower pan, field tile on the walls and perhaps an accent row of different pattern, color, or textured tile running horizontally around the walls of the shower stall.

Some higher-end showers may feature accent rows of tile running vertically from floor to ceiling. This is nice but still pretty vanilla.

The reality is there’s nothing that says you have to limit yourself to what you’ve seen before or what you see on idea walls at big box home improvement stores. Almost anything you can imagine is feasible when it comes to tile work.

Today we’ll talk about a recent project where we thought way outside the tile box and created a bespoke shower that wasn’t limited to the same old horizontal and vertical runs of tile.

after tile bathroom remodelbefore bathroom tile remodel








What we’ve found is that irregularly shaped tile accents on a larger scale make an amazing focal point and turn your shower into a tailor-made work of art. Many homeowners never even consider a custom feature like this because they think of them as a luxury that’s outside of their price range.

But nothing can be farther from the truth. In fact, a stunning shower design like this can be quite affordable. The photos featured in this blog are from a recent remodel we did and you can see just how incredible and opulent this custom tile work makes even this modest-sized bathroom look.

If you hire a knowledgeable and experienced contractor for your bathroom remodel, a tile feature should only cost you about six more hours of labor – depending of the complexity of the design. The more complex, the more costly, but even a simpler design can make a huge difference in the look of your bathroom and can improve the look and value of your home.

  • bathroom accent tiles project
  • everett accent tile project 2014
  • verett accent tile project bathroom
  • everett bathroom tile project 2014
  • everett bathroom tile project
  • accent tile project 2014
  • accent tile project bathroom
  • bathroom accent tile project 2014
  • bathroom accent tile project

Done properly, the result is a totally unique, fantastic focal point. Having personally tiled hundreds of showers and bathrooms, I can tell you that crafting a custom design like this is an enjoyable change of pace.

bathroom tile accents
If you’re not sure what you want, we can work with you to come up with a layout that will express your style and ramp up the visual appeal of your bathroom. Collaborating with you to create a unique piece of tile work for your home would be a privilege.

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, why not break away from the norm and indulge yourself in an affordable tile feature that you’ll enjoy time and again? One piece of advice I’ll offer is that if you want to keep the price of your custom tile work modest, be sure to select accent tiles in the same gauge (i.e. thickness) as your primary tile (also called field tile).

If they have different depths, it will be more work to achieve a flush surface and more work equals higher cost.

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