How to Successfully Tackle a DIY Home Additions Project

5 Steps to Take Before You Start a DIY Home Additions Project

Adding onto your home is a great way to make a home you love more spacious and comfortable while also increasing your property value. Home additions have a high ROI compared to many other home improvements, but you should know that a project of this scope has challenges.

Here are five steps to take before you jump into a home addition – and remember Corvus Construction offers free in-home estimates for projects of any size.

1. Draw Up Professional Plans and Obtain Permits

diy home additions plans

Before you get too deep into your home addition plans, you should check to ensure that you can get a permit for your project. Easements may come into play for a home addition that extends nearer the edge of your yard. Don’t invest in something that won’t be approved!

Obtain professional plans that meet your needs and are accurately drawn up so that the contractor or builder can achieve the end results you want. Be sure to obtain necessary permits early on and schedule safety inspections to ensure you protect your family and your new investment in your home.

2. Prepare Your Yard and Pets

diy home additions pets

Some home additions are vertical if you’re adding a second story to your home or a room over your garage, while others extend into the yard if you’re expanding at the ground level or adding on a larger deck. Either way, preparing your yard is important because it will serve as the staging area and where materials are stored.

Your project will go more smoothly if obstructions are out of the way like toys, grill, outdoor furniture, water hoses, vehicles, etc. You may need to remove hedges or landscaping to make room for the addition. If you have pets, decide how to keep them safely out of the way – you may want to kennel or leave with a friend.

3. Plan for Debris

diy home additions prepare for debris

Additions can be messy projects – debris from ripped up carpet or flooring, old cabinets, wall remnants, etc. must go somewhere. To protect your yard and keep debris from piling up, plan ahead by getting a dumpster delivered or make another plan for scrap collection and removal.

You should also make a plan to protect floors, furniture, and belongings from construction by moving things away from the construction area and hanging plastic sheeting in doorways or as room partitions from floor to ceiling to block any dust from spreading across your home.

4. Prepare for Dysfunction

diy home additions cooking outside

Depending on the scope of the addition and length of the project, your home may be dysfunctional for a few days or a week or more. If you’re adding onto your kitchen, you may need to make alternate plans to feed your family – whether it’s takeout, pizza or grilling, be prepared to work around the project.

If you’re adding onto your master bath, your family may need to adjust to making do with one bathroom. Try to consider all the ways the addition project may hinder your daily tasks of living and make contingency plans to accommodate the work so you get the best results.

5. Prepare for Noise

diy home additions work from coffee shop

Any home addition project comes with inevitable noise. Not only should you be aware of how this will impact your life, but you may want to alert your neighbors so they’re prepared. If you work at home, consider buying a good pair of soundproof headphones – or head to the coffee shop to work instead.

If you have a baby that needs to nap, you may want to visit grandma until the project is done. Noise is unavoidable with any home addition project so be prepared for trouble hearing phone calls and your TV, and make plans to live with the noise (or escape it) for the duration.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re adding onto your kitchen, considering a new bathroom, deck, entertainment room, or entire second story, home additions can make life easier, especially if you have a growing family. Plus, an addition can turn a smaller vintage home in a great neighborhood into a roomier retreat for years to come.

But just know that additions are challenging as a DIY project. Consider using an expert contractor like Corvus Construction for your addition project so you’ll know the work will be done fast, to your specifications, is guaranteed, and will achieve the results you want to make your home the best it can be.

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