Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

7 Big Ideas for a Small Bathroom Remodel

If you’ve got a small bathroom, it can be frustrating because of the lack of storage, cramped space, and lack of decorating options. But small baths can be remodeled and redesigned to make them comfortable, stylish and more functional. Here are seven big ideas to inspire your small bathroom remodel and redesign. Check these out and contact Corvus Construction for a free quote on a small bathroom remodeling project in the greater Seattle area.

small bathroom remodel ideas bathroom storage
Source: First Floor Bathroom View 2 by Kyle Murphy is licensed under CC BY 2.0

#1 Add built-in storage

One of the most common complaints about small bathrooms is the lack of storage space. Building in storage is the perfect way to combat this without wasting valuable floor space. Space behind doors can be utilized as can areas that can accommodate recessed shelving. Recessed shelves can be added in the shower, above the bathtub or toilet. Floating shelves can go behind doors and in corners.

small bathroom remodel ideas vessel sink
Source: Guest Bathroom Sink & Cabinet by Shannon Demma is licensed under CC BY 2.0

#2 Consider a vintage vanity

The one thing you should have room for in a small bathroom is a counter and sink. To make your small room more striking, consider a vintage vanity or dresser that can be converted to a counter. A stylish vessel sink can be placed on top of the piece or you can carve into the top to make room for an embedded sink. This can really give your bathroom a one-of-a-kind look.

#3 Go stylized with your mirror

With a small bathroom, one way to drastically improve the look is to chuck out the standard rectangle flat glass mirrors most builders use. Instead, consider an antique-style triple mirror, fancy portrait framed mirror, vintage mirror, or other reflective expression of your style that can really jazz up a small space. A smaller mirror frees up wall space for a feature wall of tile, wallcovering or dramatic paint.

small bathroom ideas wood paneling
Source: green-wainscot by Brian Maloney is licensed under CC BY 2.0

#4 Add high profile beadboard or wainscoting for drama

Bead board or wainscoting can give a small room a stylish look that’s durable and easy to clean. Tall white paneling makes the space look roomier – two-thirds of the way up the wall with a high-contrast paint can be stunning. A thin shelf can be added on top of the paneling to make room for leaned frames. And with tall white paneling, you can go more dramatic with paint choices.

small bathroom remodel ideas accents
Source: 50/365 Entry by Ryan Hyde is licensed under CC BY 2.0

#6 Get bright with light

One item not to neglect in a small bathroom is your choice of illumination. Most builders go with a metal fixture with several bulbs across the top, but ditching this typical choice in favor of unique lighting can give the room a whole new look. Pendant lights, wall sconces, wall-mounted lamps, antique or custom lights are all options to consider. So long as the light is bright enough, the sky’s the limit.

small bathroom remodel ideas lighting
Source: light-fixture-pendant by r. nial bradshaw is licensed under CC BY 2.0

#7 Cut out the cabinets

Wall-to-wall cabinets are usually the go-to builder’s choice, but these eat up space and are run of the mill. Instead, consider a pedestal sink to save space and add wall hooks to hang baskets and towels. Adding a mirror with a hidden cabinet can leave storage without eating up depth. Without the space-consuming cabinet, you can add baskets around a pedestal sink for storage or decorative touches.

small bathroom remodel ideas pedestal sink
Source: New Sink-a-Dink! by CJ Sarg is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Explore your creativity with your small bathroom remodel

A small bathroom space is the perfect place to indulge yourself with design. Because it’s a small room apart from the rest of your house, you can go dramatic, retro, vintage, wild or traditional. However, one note of caution is not to underestimate the complexity of a small bathroom remodel. While it can be less costly to re-do this room thanks to its modest size, it can be trickier.

In a smaller space, wall coverings and paneling installation can be more of a challenge because the walls are rarely plumb like they are in exterior rooms. Developing the design and remodel concept on your own is great, but then hire a professional like Corvus Construction to implement the project to ensure the best results and years of satisfaction with your small bathroom remodel.

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