3 Home Upgrades To Consider For Your Kitchen And Bath

3 Home Upgrades

With summer entertaining upon us, it’s a great time of year to consider upgrades to your home. The best additions to your living space should accomplish three goals: increase the value of your home, boost your satisfaction, and improve functionality. When investing in home improvements, it’s always wise to consider features that will add value … Read more

Why Invest in Heated Tile Flooring

home upgrades heated tile

On chilly mornings, waking up to a cold bathroom floor can be a shock to the system. Even worse is when you get up in the middle of the night and icy tile wake you – and then you struggle to get back to sleep. A perfect solution is to install heated tile. It is … Read more

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

7 Big Ideas for a Small Bathroom Remodel If you’ve got a small bathroom, it can be frustrating because of the lack of storage, cramped space, and lack of decorating options. But small baths can be remodeled and redesigned to make them comfortable, stylish and more functional. Here are seven big ideas to inspire your … Read more

Bathroom Made Beautiful with Non-traditional Tile Accents

At Corvus Construction, quality kitchen and bathroom remodels are our specialty. And while it’s great to go and pick out some nice tool for your kitchen backsplash or bathroom, what’s even better is when it can be configured uniquely to give you a custom-made design that will be one-of-a-kind and the envy of all who … Read more

1901 Everett Home Receives Bath and Kitchen Upgrades

Everett, which would eventually become the fifth largest city on the shores of the Puget Sound, has always been a town of dreamers, and those who work hard to see that the dreams come true. The town got its start when two passengers on the steamer Queen of the Pacific got a good look at … Read more